In this section, you will find all the information you need on tickets, Public Transport Card, Tourist Card and the Multi Card. Remember that they must be kept until your exit and that children under the age of 4 can travel without a ticket.

From 1 January 2023, people over 65 years of age will benefit from the free Senior Citizen Transport Card. To do so, they must have a Personal Public Transport Card on which they can load this new fare option that will give them access to the entire public transport network. For more information: https://www.crtm.es/billetes-y-tarifas/billetes-y-abonos/abono-transportes/abono-plus65/?lang=

From February 1, 2023 to December 31, 2024,, inclusive, a 50% reduction will be applied to 10-trip tickets and 60% to the 30-day travel pass. Single and Tourist tickets are excluded from this measure. You can check all the information on the CRTM website: https://crtm.es/billetes-y-tarifas/billetes-y-abonos/abono-transportes/abono-treinta-dias

Personal Transport Card

Multi Card, MLO Tickets & Combined Tickets

Tourist Ticket Transport

Contactless Public Transport Card


The Public Transport Card (TTP) is a support with contactless technology, is personal and non-transferable and for unlimited use on all bus lines, the suburban rail network, the Metro network and Light Rail Lines, within a specific zone and with a validity period of 30 calendar days.
The Personal Public Transport Card can be purchased online, at tobacconists and at the TTP Management Offices by appointment.

The TTP expire 10 years from the date of issue (4 years for card loaded with annual subscriptions). On the card the name and photograph of the holder and an identification number printed on the card include. TTP has a two year warranty, during which the user is entitled to the replacement free of charge of defective cards, provided that the damages are not due to misuse of it. Guarantees are managed through the Public Transport Card Management Offices of the CRTM.

If special discount conditions (large families or disability) change, the passenger should take the documentation proving these circumstances (Large Family Card or Certificate recognising disability equivalent to or over 65%) to any Customer Service Office, where the card’s memory will be updated without a new one having to be purchased.

The TTPs may contain a Personal Transport Pass and two non-personal tickets, or three non-personal tickets

The Transport fertilizers loaded in the Public Transportation Card has a validity period of 30 calendar days from the first use . After 10 days after the load, if the title has not been validated, will commence within 30 days and, therefore, in this case the charged fertilizers no longer be valid after a period of 40 days after having made the load.

The balance of the card can be checked in the entire sales network: automatic machines in the Metro de Madrid and Metros Ligeros network, automatic machines in Cercanías Renfe, tobacconists and other authorised commercial establishments and transport interchanges. In addition to the "Tarjeta de Transporte Público" app developed by Consorcio Regional de Transportes.

More information on the CRTM web page: www.crtm.es/informacion-tarjetatransportepublico



Aged 4 to 7 years.

Aged from 26 to 64 years.

Can be purchased until the holder is 26 years of age.

From age 65 onwards


Large Family General Category
Discount of 20%.

Large Family Special Category
Discount of 50%.

Persons with disabilities
(equivalent to or over 65%)
Discount of 20%.

Multi Card, MLO Tickets & Combined Tickets


The Multi card is a non-personal public transport contactless rechargeable, lasting ten years, used to contain non-personal titles of the tariff system of public transport in the Community of Madrid.

Are excluded the Renfe Cercanías own tickets (single, round trip, bonotren and monthly pass), the single tickets for urban and intercity buses, which are still purchased on board the vehicle at the time of the trip, the own Tram tickets Parla (single and ten trips).

The Multi can be purchased at the automatic machines of the Metro Network of Madrid and Light Metros and in the network of points of sale tobacconists and other authorized points, at the price of 2.50 €, having a warranty period of 2 years, provided that the damages are not due to the misuse of the same.

The cards can contain three non-personal transport tickets. This allows, use the same card when it is not necessary to acquire a Travel Pass, to pay the trip to companions who share the same route, contain transport tickets for trips other than usual

The Multi has the capacity to simultaneously contain three different types of Titles, such as:
Metrobus + MLO 10 trips + A-B2 Bonobús
MLO single ticket + Metrobús 10-trip ticket + MetroNorte 10-trip ticket

More information on the compatibility of the different titles: https://www.crtm.es/media/519940/tabla_posibles_combinaciones_ttp_personal_o_multi.pdf o

In order to travel on Line ML2  Colonia Jardín-Estación de Aravaca or Line ML3 Colonia Jardín-Puerta de Boadilla, operated by the company Metro Ligero Oeste, the following transport passes and tickets are available for passengers:

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Valid for one or ten journeys between the following stations:

Line ML2
Colonia Jardín-Estación de Aravaca

Line ML3
Colonia Jardín-Puerta de Boadilla

Passengers must validate their tickets for each journey when changing between lines ML2 and ML3. These tickets are not valid on the Madrid Metro Network. Important: The charges for single transport titles on the "MULTI" card are valid only at the end of the service on the day of purchase.

Billete combinado





Valid for one or ten on-going journeys, combining different areas from:

Madrid Metro Network
(Metro Madrid, Metro Sur, Metro Norte and TFM)
and light Rail Lines (ML1, ML2 and ML3)

Journeys can last a maximum of 3 hours. A combined ticket is not a return ticket. Important: Charges of Combined Single Transport certificates on the "MULTI" card are valid only at the end of the service on the day of purchase.

For more information and exceptions

Tourist Card

Tarjeta Turistica

This is a named, non-transferable ticket that allows unlimited use of all the public transport in the Madrid Region within the validity date; hence, it is a practical and cost-effective way of moving around the city for a specific number of days. Their validity period will also be in force for the night services until 5.00 AM on the last day. This title exists in Multi card mode. The amount of the Multi Card is already included within the price of the Tourist Title. There are tourist transport passes that last 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7 calendar days and for two zones (A and T).

Once the charge of the Tourist Card is consumed, the "Multi Card" in which it is housed, offers the possibility to charge simple Titles and of ten trips.

Includes Metro services in Zone A (City of Madrid) including the airport, all the city bus lines (except the Airport Express), zones 0 and A of the Renfe Suburban Network and ML1 of the Light Rail Lines.
Includes all the Metro zones, all the city and intercity bus lines in the Madrid Region (except the Airport Express), including services to Guadalajara and Toledo, all Renfe Suburban Rail network and ML2 and ML3 of the Light Rail as well as the Parla tram.
Mapa zonas turísticas
1 DAYS10,00€ 15,00€
2 DAYS17,00€25,50€
3 DAYS22,50€34,00€
4 DAYS27,00€42,00€
5 DAYS32,50€49,00€
7 DAYS42,00€61,00€


You can buy a ticket at:

All the stations in the Madrid Metro Network
Consorcio Regional de Transportes de Madrid Management office
At the Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport
At the Sol and Atocha Transport Card Management Offices


The charging points network are the following:

All the stations in the Madrid Metro Network
Automatic ticket machines located at lobby halls of the Interchange Stations
Automatic ticket machines located in the stations entrance halls of Cercanías Renfe (Suburban Railway).
You can also buy one at some tobacco/stamps shops and any other licensed selling point.

Public Transport Fares

In the public transport system, there are 8 fare zones: 6 of them for the Madrid Region and 2 for Castilla-La Mancha. Each pass or ticket should always be used within its validity zone. Each zone includes its inner areas; hence, a B2 zone pass can be used in zones A, B1 and B2; with the exception of interzone passes B1-B2, B2-B3, B3-C1 and C1-C2, which are only valid in the zones stated on the pass or ticket.



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Important Note: all transport passes and tickets must be validated before beginning your journey in the validators located inside the vehicles. At the Colonia Jardín and Aravaca stations, validation takes place at the turnstiles accessing the platforms, except in the case of passengers who transfer between ML2 and ML3 lines, must re-validate their ticket on board.