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The "cookie law", as defined by Spanish law was published in a state bulletin on 31st March 2012 and came into force the next day. The law originated in a European Commission directive 2009/136/CE and 34/2002.

This site may use cookies or other common invisible systems. A cookie is a small file that is downloaded to your machine when visiting certain web pages. Cookies allow a web site to store information about a visitors browsing habits and depending on the information stored can be used to recognise that visitor.

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What types of cookies are are used by this site?

Our web site uses Google Analytics which is a service that analyses traffic. Google uses this data to improve its services and offer services to other businesses. More information including instructions for disabling cookies can be found here:

The data collected in the cookie (including ip address) is sent by Google directly to its servers in the USA. Google may give this information to third parties if either required to by legislation or simply for processing on their behalf.

This behaviour can be disabled in the configuration of your browser. However, disabling cookies will affect the functionality of the web site. By using the web site you agree to your information being used by Google as described above.

Disabling and removing cookies

The following links provide information on identifying cookies installed, how to enable, disable or eliminate them, depending on the browser employed: