Sustainable Development

Our firm commitment to sustainable development translates into the delivery of an efficient, quality service that:
- Contributes to mobility-based, sustainable city living.
- Cares for the people engaged in the project.
- Minimizes the impact on the environment where we carry out our activity.
- Bases its economic growth on integrity and transparency.

Good governance, accountability and integrity

At Metro Ligero Oeste (MLO), we have always embraced the adoption of good governance practices and compliance with legal standards in accordance with national and international recommendations in this area. As a result of this commitment, we have implemented measures and initiatives that address the most important issues demanded by our shareholders and investors.

Buen gobierno

People and their development

At Metro Ligero Oeste (MLO), we intend to remain committed to the development of our employees, one of our main stakeholder groups, through an appropriate talent management policy and the advancement of innovation capability as decisive aspects of organisational efficiency, success and business growth.


Relationship with the local community and other stakeholders

Our priority lines of action with the local community are enhancing dialogue and communication, maintaining an ongoing commitment to meeting their needs. It is in this way that we continue working towards the continuous improvement of the service we deliver and of the quality of life of our passengers, employees and neighbours, respecting the environment and society at large.

Comunidad Local

Depot visits

Visits to depots

Sustainability and responsible private vehicle use are the common themes running through our tours for schoolchildren designed to promote and motivate young people in the importance for the environment of travelling by public transport.

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Environmental cycling routes

Rutas ciclosostenibles

This activity gives schoolchildren the chance to learn to travel by bicycle and to value the advantages offered by a collective transport system compared to private vehicle use in terms of pollution. The goal is for children to take on board basic road traffic regulations, to learn to value their environment and to pick up domestic habits leading to the responsible, sustainable use of natural resources.

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Teen Smart City

Teen Smart City

Work is being done on the Teen Smart City project, a programme targeted at Secondary and High School students based on the use of cutting-edge technologies and innovation that enables teens in the area to take part in the creation of a smart city network in their municipality. As part of the Teen Smart City project, the Town Council of Pozuelo, in conjunction with Eco-Schools in the city and MLO, has arranged “Walk to school” routes, an initiative where schoolchildren can go to school in an ecological, safe, healthy way in order to stimulate not only environmental awareness but also social relations among all of them while they are on their way to school.

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Contest and road safety education talks

Concurso y charlas

Support for initiatives driving safe, sustainable mobility for all student groups in the area (pre-school, primary, secondary and high school). Conveyance of the core values of public transport: road safety, efficiency and environmental friendliness.

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Involvement in the Three Kings Pageant

Cabalgata de Reyes

Yearly involvement in the Three Kings Pageant in Boadilla del Monte, transporting the Three Kings to its starting point.

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Educational sport

Iniciativas sociales

Promotion of educational sport through collaborations with different schools in the area, such as Instituto Veritas (special support for wheelchair matches) and the Retamar School.

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Participation in the Three Kings Pageant

Guardianes de la biodiversidad

Every year, we take part in the Three Kings Pageant in Boadilla del Monte, transporting the Three Kings to its starting point.

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Environmental impact management

Fully aware of the importance of transport as a business that makes a considerable impact on the environment, since we started out, here at Metro Ligero Oeste (MLO), we have ensured environmental awareness is inherent in all the levels of our organisation. For this reason, we have an Environmental Management System in place that strives to reduce environmental impacts and with which we have made significant progress in emission saving, waste management and energy and water consumption. This system is coupled with a Strategic Sustainability Plan which, for its part, enables us to determine important issues, goals, lines of action and improvements in processes with regard to the delivery of a safe, quality service, through an analysis of the possible risks and opportunities we face.

Environmental impact management